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Wise Life Guidance 

Empowering You with Practical Tools,

Wisdom & Healing for a Brighter Future

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Experiencing internal struggles, unsure about your life purpose, or exhausted from all you give & do? 

If you are the one in your family who holds up the world, but you are seldom supported the way you support others, then read on and discover what I can offer you. With more than a half century of life experience, and endless years of study, I am prepared to lead you toward balance, life alignment and joy. 

Book a Deep Dive Session, Take my Modern Medicine Woman Training or Join an Upcoming Workshop.




"I lived in cycles of failure for 12 years. l met Bird when l was at the very bottom and there was no more depth to fall for l had reached the Rock bottom. I was completely lost and helpless, so l took the chance and signed up. I can't believe how things started to change and happiness started to show up at my door. THERE IS LIGHT OUT THERE WAITING FOR YOU... So grateful l am, thank you GOD for leading me to Bird's guidance! Thank you. 🙏"


"Working with Bird was an unforgettable and life-changing experience. When I first began my journey with Bird, I was deeply stuck in my patterns, grief, heartbreak, and traumas. Bird supported me and taught me tools that have allowed me to find my joy and my peace. I am completely transformed for the better. I am forever grateful. Thank you Bird! I am SOUL glad I listened to Spirit and committed to doing this work."


"From day one I felt loved, nurtured, heard and seen by Bird. Her healing powers go far past her words and energy. She challenged me mentally, emotionally and spiritually to break old patterns and embrace joy and love. Her energy and wisdom is a reflection of the work she has done herself. She will give you techniques and tools to use throughout your life. Her ability to share her experiences in a healing way saved my life. If you want joy, love, health and happiness in your life, but don’t know how to begin the journey, Bird is the healer for you.”
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