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Bird Mejia

Bird Mejia works as an intuitive healer and heart shaman who comes from a lost lineage of curanderas, intuitives and shaman from her indigenous Mexican ancestors. She specializes in healing ancestral trauma that shows up as heartbreak, drama, addiction, depression, toxic or broken relationships, narcissistic abuse, anxiety, anger, grief and disease. Bird is certified in Shakti Naam Yoga, Harmonyum Healing and Gendai Reiki Ho. She is trained in Shamanic Energy Medicine, Oracle Card Reading and Chakra Energy Healing, as well as the Ancient Energy Medicine of her indigenous ancestors from Mexico. Bird holds two Master’s degrees and combines her graduate work in psychotherapy with a variety of healing modalities to assist her clients in healing, ending cycles of generational pain and leading the lives they were born to live.

Krishawn Divine

Krishawn Divine is a Divine Vision Coach, Life Path Astrologer, Gendai Rieki Ho Master, & Veteran. She specializes in helping fellow souls Discover & Manifest their Unique Life Path. She guides them in creating their Dream Life (Their Divine Vision) & Fulfilling their Life Purpose. She graduated from West Point Military Academy in NY with a Bachelor's Degree in Science & majored in Systems Management. She has had a rollercoaster of a life, from working in the Military (The Masculine Energy, Physical World) to now working with Energy (The Feminine Energy, Spiritual World), combinding her understanding of the two, to Manifest & Create - The Balance. She wants to continue to utilize her own growth to invite fellow souls to experience clarity, expansion, connection to Source, higher energy, sovereignty, magic, direction, & new possibilities in their lives.
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