Helping You Heal Yourself,
Your Lineage,
& the World! 
 Mentor & Guide for Lightworkers
* LIGHTWORKER: When YOU Make a Decision to Heal Yourself and Show Up in the World as a Light for Others  






Bird's Own Journey from Pain to Freedom


Modern Medicine Woman Training
8-Week Online Immersion
Starts June 6, 2024

Connect to the Forgotten Wisdom of the Medicine Women in Your Lineage AND Reconnect to YOUR OWN Unique Medicine

YOU, Your Loved Ones, & the World 
Need YOUR Medicine!

Personal Healing or Mentorship Session
I am trained in MANY Healing Modalities, Including Graduate work in Psychotherapy, so there are MANY Possibilities, including: 

Planetary Vibration Reading, Medicine Wheel Readings, Harmonyum Healing, Reiki with Messages, Illumination (clears issues & the chakras), Oracle Readings, Cord Cutting, Traditional Talk Therapy, Pláticas (Heart Healing Talk), Spiritual Business Mentoring, Trauma Healing, Resetting Fight & Flight & MORE

Email me at (or dm on IG) if you want to learn more about these offerings

(recover parts of yourself hidden because of personal or ancestral trauma)
Join Bird for an Unforgettable Retreat Experience 

"Choosing to go on Bird's Retreat was hands down one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for my mind, body, and soul. I'm so enriched, so light, so joyful." - Erica 

Blossoming into Joy!
in the Womb of Sedona
 July 23-29, 2024
If you’re a woman, an entrepreneur, a parent, a caregiver, or a leader who can’t ever seem to find time for yourself… If you can’t remember the last time you had FUN just for you…. If the weight of your personal or the collective transformation has felt heavy and you want to move thru in a way that FEELS BETTER. . . If your heart has been begging you to breathe in stillness and just BE… If you would LOVE to create and PLAY, but don't have the time or know where to start...

….Then join us for this EMPOWERING retreat where you get to RELAX, RECHARGE, AND EXPERIENCE All the MAGIC & JOY of PLAY! Come RECEIVE all the BEAUTY the Universe has in store for YOU!
Contact Bird at or dm on IG if you'd like to book a personal or group Cacao Ceremony
Cacao Helps You Open Your Heart 
& Is a Beautiful Ally in the 
Healing of Humanity and the Earth
Cacao (where our beloved chocolate originated from) is an ancient plant medicine and has been used in ceremonies in Central & South America for thousands of years. Cacao opens your heart, enhances your own intuition, helps alleviate anxiety & depression, improves mood, energizes, heightens creativity, brings peace, and balances body, mind & soul. Bird will TEACH you how to make and commune cacao for your own personal experience AND lead a ceremony. Options include shamanic drum journey, emotional release through dance, sacred circle, teaching and community building time. Bird connects with her own indigenous Mexican lineage in sharing this life-enhancing experience and shares how we may ALL connect to healing in our own lineages. 
 Courses & Classes! 
 7-Week Online Heal Your Heart Course 
 Bird only works one-on-on with a few clients each year, to ensure that she is as present as possible for you. Personal journeys are a life investment that will positively impact your life and your loved ones. They are individually customized to meet your unique needs. She is currently only accepting one more 1-on-1 client at this time. After this spot is filled, there will be a wait list. 

Open My Heart: Poetry as a Way to Heal Your Heart and Help Your Loved Ones and the World

Join Bird's Community
 The Toltec spoke of the Time of the Sixth Sun as a time when we find alignment within ourselves, with each other and with our beautiful Madre Tierra.

"Bird's Sixth Sun Collective membership is a transformative journey of self-discovery and personal growth, designed to help you find your unique path forward in this era of change and renewal. Receive Bird's unique guidance AND a supportive COMMUNITY."

 1-on-1 Personal Journeys/Mentorships 
Apply for a 3-or 6-month Personal Journey with Bird
"Working with Bird was an unforgettable 
and life-changing experience. . . 
 I was deeply stuck in my patterns, grief, 
heartbreak, and traumas. 
Bird supported me and taught me 
tools that have allowed me to 
find my joy and my peace.” -  Gabby
 Bird only works one-on-on with a few clients each year, to ensure that she is as present as possible for you. Personal journeys are a life investment that will positively impact your life and your loved ones. They are individually customized to meet your unique needs. She is currently only accepting one more 1-on-1 client at this time. After this spot is filled, there will be a wait list. 

I am here to help you Dream a New World into being for yourself and everyone you love. A new world that feels AMAZING!
The most important gift you give yourself and legacy you leave those you love is freedom from the ancestral trauma that shows up as repeating patterns in your life and family lineage.

These patterns can show up in our bodies and/or mental health and may include depression, heartbreak, drama, addiction, overwork, abandonment, toxic or broken relationships, narcissistic abuse, anxiety, anger, grief and disease of all kinds.

"The Cave You Are Afraid to Enter 
Holds Your Greatest treasure."
~ Joseph Campbell ~

What People Are Saying:

"I totally recommend Bird Mejia's program to everyone looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. I lived in cycles of failure for 12 years. l met Bird when l was at the very bottom and there was no more depth to fall for l had reached the Rock bottom. I was completely lost and helpless, so l took the chance and signed up. I can't believe how things started to change and happiness started to show up at my door. THERE IS LIGHT OUT THERE WAITING FOR YOU... So grateful l am, thank you GOD for leading me to Bird's guidance! Thank you. 🙏"
- Claudia       
"Working with Bird was an unforgettable and life-changing experience. When I first began my journey with Bird, I was deeply stuck in my patterns, grief, heartbreak, and traumas. Bird supported me and taught me tools that have allowed me to find my joy and my peace. My personal one on one retreat in Sedona, AZ with Bird facilitated the integration of everything I learned over our journey, and I am completely transformed for the better. I am forever grateful. Thank you Bird! I am SOUL glad I listened to Spirit and committed to doing this work."
- Gabby               
"From day one I felt loved, nurtured, heard and seen by Bird. Her healing powers go far past her words and energy. She challenged me mentally, emotionally and spiritually to break old patterns and embrace joy and love. Her energy and wisdom is a reflection of the work she has done herself. She will give you techniques and tools to use throughout your life. Her ability to share her experiences in a healing way saved my life. If you want joy, love, health and happiness in your life, but don’t know how to begin the journey, Bird is the healer for you.”
- Jaimee         
More About Bird

MENTOR, ELDER, MEDICINE WOMAN     IG@birdmejia.      TikTok@IAmBirdMejia

Bird Mejia comes from a lost lineage of healers & intuitives from her indigenous Mexican ancestors. She is trained in Shakti Naam Yoga, Harmonyum Healing, Gendai Reiki Ho, Chakra Energy Healing, Shamanism and Breathwork & Meditation and MORE. Bird has earned two Master’s degrees and combines her graduate work in psychotherapy with her life experience and a variety of healing modalities to offer guidance, mentorship, and healing opportunities and retreats.

Bird specializes in helping you discover your joy and your unique life purpose. She also is very passionate about helping you release ancestral trauma that may show up as heartbreak, drama, addiction, depression, toxic or broken relationships, narcissistic abuse, anxiety, abandonment, disease, and other painful patterns. 

Bird is SO passionate about helping you FLY (First Love Yourself) and live the life you were born to live AND healing ancestral trauma because in her own life and family it showed up as abuse, mental health, depression, and her mother's unexpected death from cancer only 35 days after diagnosis. 

Bird is a mother, cat whisperer (she also loves dogs) and plant-based cook, and she loves dance, desert nights, loons, cardinals & hummingbirds.

Bird is also a poet and the author of the poetry collection Wild Woman at My Door, where she tells the story of the reclamation of her authentic self and pays homage to her Mexican mother.  
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